It started with silence...

Ten days of complete silence have given Canadian singer/songwriter Christien Paul something to talk about for the rest of his life. In the spring of 2016 Christien took part in a ten day Vipassana meditation retreat, a Buddhist-based exercise in contemplation and introspection. To say it was difficult would be a massive understatement but those ten days may have changed the course of both his life and musical career.

Christien was not adverse to discipline, freelancing as a consultant, becoming accomplished in the martial arts and, at the same time, making great inroads with his music. Now, creeping into his thirties, the bar has been moved. Music is now the defining factor in his life. Possessions are being shed, passports are being updated, songs are being written and gigs are being booked. Southern Ontario is no longer the focus, the world is.

After months of planning Christien will head to France this summer to set-up a satellite music base in Europe which he hopes will gradually radiate out to other European countries. Once that base is secured it is off to the United States and Mexico to establish similar focal points. The honesty in his music is also evident in the series of Vlogs he has started which chronicle his life, you can start here:

With his possessions now being able to fit in a car, as opposed to a downtown condo, Christien is setting out on a journey few musicians dare dream about. Armed with a guitar, ukulele, harmonica and a stomp box his music is equally as sparse and draws comparisons to early Ben Harper and Damien Rice.