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A native of Toronto, Canada, Christien built his life around his passion for music, forming at an early age in conservatory piano and percussion as well as in the martial arts (black belt in karate and jiu jitsu).

At the age of 15, he created his first band (FST – Pop Punk) and it was the year after that when he joined his first professional group (The 420 Club – Ska Punk) : they released 3 albums in the studio and performed at festivals … the first taste of the artist life! Joining Canadian artists, Christien begins a frenzy of more than 200 concerts in Canada and rubs shoulders with internationally renowned artists; Sum41, Alexisonfire, Silverstein and more.

His career is in full swing, but after ten years in bands, he buries his ambitions to lead a more stable life and is dedicated to the production of videos on the web, as well as the creation of sites as IT consultant.

Finally, a 10-day Buddhist spiritual retreat brings him back to his pure essence. Thus, while all his entourage tries to dissuade him (“you’re too old”, “there is no money in music”), he decides to make music his first mission and live his dream rather than dream of it.

Stubborn and driven by his love for music, he is ready to leave everything behind to start from scratch. An old romantic flame convinces him to leave for France to seize the opportunity to combine his two loves.

2016: new homeland, new life… a fresh start.

In 2017, Christien’s musical projects multiply and his career grows with three tours in Europe which earned him an interview in the press with “The Unchained“. In France, his musical style evolves and becomes catchier, the voice is warm and his ukulele game becomes more unique. From there, he composes his song “Welcome to Lyon” charting in the top 10 songs of April by “Tepakonu” located in Normandy.

As his love affair ends, he finds more inspiration and immerses himself in writing songs… he fights for his first love, music.

At a concert in Lyon, he met the artistic director of the independent label “C’est Pas Des Manières” who took him under his wing and perform with his album of French songs “Je n’oublierai jamais” planned for the spring of 2019.

His single “Cuba” is the first to integrate the platform “Spotify” which allowed him to book his first festival in Europe on the south coast of Spain in September; “Roots Surf Festival” and a review with “Music For The Heart

Christien’s lyrics combine the melancholy of the past and hope of future happiness and it is equipped with its best weapons (ukulele, guitar, harmonica), with that, he is ready for his ultimate fight: the fulfillment of his dream. His music as his journey is similar to those of artists such as Tété, Vianney or Ben Harper and Damien Rice. The questions is, will the next one to serenade you be Christien?

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and read lyric translations to all eight french-pop ukulele songs.