You contacted me after I last journaled here… then I seem to have stopped because we started talking daily again. Trouble is I didn’t say everything that was on my mind because I was too scared to… this is bad… it’s clogging up my chakras so I’m back to writing in my journal.

I can tell your soul wants union with your twin flame, i.e. me but your ego is growing again. You see you called me while shooting that music video for the female artist who told you I was your twin. You told me you started to believe “maybe there is someone who can truly love me, it’s Christien”

A few days later you told me that you dropped a bomb on your mom telling her “I think Christien is made for me” your mother was surprised but said she supports whatever you decide. You also told me that you spoke to your sister about me being your twin flame and her response was “He’s not the one for you, get that out of your head” to which you said you felt deeply hurt. This is your soul speaking to me.

Last night after my purge, we both said we missed each other and we both loved each other. Two weeks prior I asked you this very question to which you said “I missed the conversations” which is not the full truth, because if it was, you wouldn’t be missing me now as we’ve been speaking for hours daily again. You miss more than the conversations my love.

This morning you called saying you were concerned for me because I purged the night before. I said I missed you and you asked what it was specifically that I missed so much. I said it was your face, because when I look into your eyes I feel at home… safe. You then said you were freaking out and didn’t open the door to me for something romantic… WTF?

That’s your ego talking to me… it hurt me. I said I had to go, wished you the best with your shoot with Paul and then got a wave of chills throughout my body.

It passed but it was similar to the purge I had the night before… I searched for answers and found a number of articles that confirmed I am going through a “kundalini awakening”. The key confirmation read:

Cold Breeze is a healing reaction, where you feel a cold windy, rushing feeling, like cool energy rushing up the spine, or cool rushes of breezes anywhere in body.

So there you have it, you’ve triggered another purge. This week’s Twin Flame forecast spoke of the death of a cycle… a purging of my false identity and for you as well… it’s hitting Twin Flames but hitting me a little harder because of my astrological chart… you see Cancer and Capricorn are in retrograde right now. Tonight there was a lunar eclipse and I’m about to meditate knowing I’m going to purge again.

Tonight I went to a concert by myself. I felt it hitting my heart chakra… I pulled out my phone to get a spectral reading of the frequencies and noticed that at the time there was a huge spike in the 650-690 Hz range which is the frequency of love… hence why I felt it in my heart. Lyrically… the singer was saying all the words I needed to hear. It’s like the angels were speaking through him to me… I know I misheard some of the lyrics but I think that was the intention of the angels.

Check this out… I sent you a clip of his performance but didn’t send the following message with it:

I didn’t capture all the lyrics but I knew this was the song to send because he sang:


One day my pain will mark you

When the white wolves  surround you

I will call you in the morning

And walk you through


Then the show was over, I look up to the stars and see the moon eclipse. Then look at my phone and it’s 11:11

This was so profound for me because you called me this morning to walk me through my pain.

You triggered something as well and my whole body went cold with shivers starting with the heart. You felt that yesterday… as if to predict it would mark me the next day.

I know more purging will happen this week. I think even tonight once I get home.

I’ve done some research and recognize that I am going through a kundalini awakening which I think you’ve been experiencing as well.

I have also learned that angels will leave feathers behind to reinforce their signs as coming from them. To my surprise there are white feathers in my bedroom and balcony.

No word of a lie.

Last but not least, today for the first time I saw the number 999 which says the end of a cycle is approaching. On a personal level I think it’s in reference to this cycle of purging and the completion of my mission.

It may also mean the of the current twin flame phase is coming to an end very soon…

I love you Rachel… I’m doing my best to be open with you and listen to whatever it is you want to say to me but it’s hard to endure when I’m hearing your soul one day and your ego contradicting everything the next day.

God bless, be well, purge your shit, come back to me when you find your true self again. I wonder if it will be on the 18th which is in two days… Cassidy’s forecast (who predicted you’d reach out to me when you broke silence) says if I don’t hear from you in the physical world, I will either in my dreams or meditations. She also says something I thought was over would pop back up… case in point, your ego/fear of a romantic union.

But you’ve admitted… you’ve tried contacting me telepathically before you reached out to me on July 5th… we went silent for not even 6 days and you said that felt like months. I understand that I am a few steps ahead of you but I know you’ll catch-up very soon.