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My Beloved

Momentum Lost

You contacted me after I last journaled here… then I seem to have stopped because we started talking daily again. Trouble is I didn’t say everything that was on my mind because I was too scared to… this is bad… it’s clogging up my chakras so I’m back to writing in my journal. I can…

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Chakras – Your Are My Light

A week or so ago you mentioned you were going to get Reiki treatment and discovered that your throat and stomach chakras are blocked. I have stumbled across a spiritual leader who brought my attention to my chakras and made me realize that for me as well, the throat and stomach chakras need healing. For…

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You’re Doing Great

Ma Petite Sirène Today I went to Marc’s place for his birthday. He turned 44 and his girl is 33 and they are pregnant! Didn’t dawn on me until I posted it to Instagram that the numbers 44 and 33 were in my face. Those damn twin flame angel numbers are still there… been doing…

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Angel Numbers – Double Whammy

So last night in bed you crossed my mind and I was curious to creep your IG… when I pulled up your account and saw your story I noticed the time was 3:33 am which put a smile on my face. Then when I exited IG I saw 11 notifications for Facebook and 11 pending…

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Today’s Prayer Was Answered Within 1 Hour

Darling, Today I came home after René bailed on our deal to go busking in the town center. As I was in the elevator heading up to my loft I was thinking about the letter I mailed out this morning to your mother as a formal apology… it was 5:11 when I checked the time…

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