Today I came home after René bailed on our deal to go busking in the town center. As I was in the elevator heading up to my loft I was thinking about the letter I mailed out this morning to your mother as a formal apology… it was 5:11 when I checked the time on my phone which is 11:11 Toronto time. Even this morning when I was at the post office I saw 11:11 am

This evening I prayed long and hard for God to hit me in the face with a clear cut sign to why this number keeps popping up… it’s been appearing every day for weeks. Even now I am looking at the clock on my computer and it’s 22:22 – I spent some time on Google today and searched for “11:11 meaning love” and came across a website called “Twin Flame Angel Numbers” and saw that 111, 1111, 333, 444 and 22 or 2222 are all related to your twin flame, especially 1111 (wakeup call) combinations of 5 indicate positive changes are on the way. Combinations of 2 like 222 or 2222 indicate that you are growing and 33 or 333 indicates a reunion is coming and the same goes for 1111 (coming full circle to the intense fireworks we felt when we started). 4444 (they are twin pairs) 1111 to 4444 is ascension… so if you are seeing 333 or 3333 you are on the path to ascension of 444 or 4444 (the finish line which is a reunion).

Here is the article that explains all of this: https://twinflameprogram.com/twin-flame-angel-numbers/ 

So there it is, the answer to my prayers and it took less than an hour to get hit in the fucking face with it… I specifically said, tell me what’s meant by 1111 is it a new beginning? Am I suppose to move-on or hold on to faith? Seems like God has plans for us my love.

In this article it also talks about the stages of the twin flame journey:

Preparation – This is the time before you encounter your Twin Flame when your soul is developing itself so that it is ready for the intense spiritual journey that will begin when you come together with your Twin Flame in the physical plane.

Meeting – This is the time when you meet your Twin Flame, recognize them as the mirror of your soul, and generally, form a relationship quickly and experience a time of intense bliss.

Growing – Twin Flame relationships are almost always extremely challenging and tumultuous and can appear and disappear from our lives frequently and unexpectedly. The mirror that our Twin Flame holds up often shows us difficult things, opening wounds, and exposing fears and false beliefs that we must work through both in partnership with our Twin Flame, and alone when they unexpectedly disappear from our daily lives on the physical plane.

Reunion – Our Twin Flame relationship takes us through an intense period of self-growth that triggers the challenges of the growing stage of the relationship. Once both of the Twin Flame souls have grown sufficiently, we are able to come together again in the same state of bliss as when we first found each other. Except now we have attained that bliss inside ourselves and have learned to maintain this state no matter the outer circumstances.

That said I understanding that we are in a growing stage. I did more research and found this woman named Michelle Fondin who is a psychic that does card readings and is an expert in the “Twin Flame Journey” with a very detailed and information playlist on the roles of each twin… there is the Divine Feminine (that’s me) and the Divine Masculine (that’s you). It’s the DM that does the running because the DF is usually a good 10 steps ahead in their spiritual growth. I also found a slew of other vloggers that are experts in the Twin Flame journey and keep seeing that in most cases, Twin Flames are scattered not only in space but time… in other words, the two most common challenges of a Twin Flame couple is a 10 to 12 year age gap and living in different parts of the world.

There is no doubt in my mind that you are my Twin Flame… one of Michelle’s videos talks about God’s divine plan for this “divine twin flame” couple. Apparently, God wants to reunite twin flames and there has been a huge wave of twin flames finding each other on earth starting back in 2018 (when we started talking) which will continue until 2020. The life purpose of the twin flames is to demonstrate unconditional love to the rest of the world with their own relationship. This is God’s way of bringing us back to the unconditional love that Jesus demonstrated while he was alive… seemingly the new strategy is to unite humans with their twin flame rather than put it all on one man like Jesus because today’s society will have a better response to that.

Another point she made was that you shouldn’t talk about your Twin Flame to other people, especially while you are separated because unless the people you are speaking to are in a twin flame relationship themselves, there is no way they will get it. They effectively have to witness the twin flame journey completed from separation to reunion in order to see what “unconditional love” truly is. That’s the role that this centuries’ twin flames are to perform in this lifetime if they can pull through the growing phase. Ironically, the last centuries twin flames didn’t separate but today’s twin flames… God has decided that we are supposed to meet to activate our spiritual awakening and then separate to work on ourselves and surrender completely to his will… only then will we be ready for a reunion… only then will we truly understand unconditional love, which is the love of God.

What’s more mindblowing is that according to Michelle, unlike soul mate relationships, after separating from your Twin Flame, the angel numbers get louder and the thoughts and feelings for each other more intense… they do not fade away like other relationships. She says there will be a lot of purging and emotional releases that bring you to tears, especially the dominant male… this explains why you called me on the drive home in tears… the DM also has this belief of being undeserving of the twin flame because they aren’t good enough… this is because they haven’t surrendered to God and have old wounds from past relationships and their childhood that their Twin Flame has opened up for them to heal rather than suppress.

Michelle also says the dominant female (that’s me) should write a journal directed at their dominant male (that’s you). There is no need for me to send it to you because our telepathic connection will be enough for you to feel the love I am sending to you daily. It’s the role I play in activating your spiritual growth towards self-love and above all unconditional love.

One day, when you’re ready I may share this with you but for now, I accept that we both need to work on ourselves. You are the yang which is fire energy which is supposed to be the leader of the relationship and is all about action but cannot play that role until you are Godly.

I am the ying which is lunar energy which is passive, monk-like, it’s all about nurturing, acceptance and unconditional love which is why I am not the runner but I still need to learn to have unwavering faith that God’s will, will be done and when you are ready, you will come home to me, the other half of your soul so that we can finally be a power couple.

You see when I try to get you to read books, meditate, etc. you know I’m right but it freaks you out… that’s me pushing which is the energy of the dominant male (that’s your job in our relationship, to push me… I’m supposed to sit back and be there for you when you come to me, I am not supposed to push or chase you, so I’ve been fucking up my role and this is my lesson now)

If it’s not in this lifetime it will be in a future lifetime once we’ve finally ascended spiritually. Personally, I’m beginning to think our separation will be several months long, perhaps even a few years but I do truly believe we will be together again, love and accept each other unconditionally and never leave each other again no matter what others might say.

That is our soul mission… to teach the world what “unconditional love” truly is by being that power couple that lives it.

I love you I love you I love you. I will try to write to you to send my love every day in hopes that it helps you on your journey for spiritual ascension.