Ma Petite Sirène

Today I went to Marc’s place for his birthday. He turned 44 and his girl is 33 and they are pregnant! Didn’t dawn on me until I posted it to Instagram that the numbers 44 and 33 were in my face. Those damn twin flame angel numbers are still there… been doing a lot of research on synchronicity and manifestation.

As much as I would like to call you and show you what I found, I’ll just put it out into the universe here on my private blog and hope that it reaches you on the 5d plane. The Dominant Masculin videos describe you so well and where you’re at in your twin flame journey. I am confident you are coming out of your cocoon.

It pains me to be separated from you but I know it’s for the best. You will learn everything I’ve been trying to bring to your attention. One day you will come home to me and show me all your light and glory. Don’t be hard on yourself, you are beautiful, you are perfect, you are pure, you are Godly and you are divine… you have aligned yourself to your true self which is why it feels like a lot of work… but in time, you’ll have purged all the misalignments and things won’t feel so difficult anymore, I promise.

There is a trend happening right now with twin flames, both on the DM and DF side… this video would likely bring you to tears but also help you purge all the lies that have poisoned your mind.

There is a Youtube channel called Twin Flame revolution and another one by Michelle Fondin that I mentioned earlier which are what enabled me to truly let go of you. To truly love you unconditionally no matter what you might do while we’re apart. I also spoke to my sister about the soul mate thing but she says she doesn’t believe in that. Personally, with everything I know about their story, there is no doubt in my mind that my sister is in a twin flame relationship.

You and I both agree that they are stunning together, they exude unconditional love, they are the role-models for all couples which is the soul-mission of twin flames. Those that can purge all the poison and reunite are vibrating at a much much higher spiritual level that the rest of us. Circling back to the Twin Flame revolution, it’s actually two lesbians one of which is the DM which goes to show that the physical gender can be either or for a DM/DF.

I also downloaded a course for Twin Flame separation, it’s very similar to all the research I’ve already found. You’ve already hinted at the feeling that you and I have a psychic connection and I now feel it too. I understand it and I’m using it daily with these journals. I pray to you directly. I pray for you to God. I’m about to watch another one of their videos called “Twin Flame Separation: The Gift” – fingers crossed darling. I miss you.