Video February 2017

Here is the original version live and acoustic… from there I changed the lyrics and the melody. It was Tété who gave me the idea to use a stomp pedal.

Studio October 2017
Here is the best I could do in the studio after testing the song live in concert. This is the version I wanted to release in the spring of 2018 but thanks to the auditions with The Voice and a girl (the one in the official video) who told me that I pronounce the Rs too strong I pushed it back for the fall of 2018. But then I delayed it again after meeting two percussionists who played the cajon and the bongos (they inspired me to rework the drums).

Studio February 2019
And here is the result … I think I did well to push it back a second time. This song was written in January 2017, so it’s been two years that I’ve worked on it!

Official Video February 2019
This is actually a collection of clips from my 2 years travelling in Europe and I invited my friend Milos to come to France and film me walking through Paris and Lyon as well as perform on my couch.