A week or so ago you mentioned you were going to get Reiki treatment and discovered that your throat and stomach chakras are blocked. I have stumbled across a spiritual leader who brought my attention to my chakras and made me realize that for me as well, the throat and stomach chakras need healing.

For one, I have told you before that you say too much but truthfully, you were mirroring that to me… I now realize that I say too much, especially when it comes to trying to teach you. You see it can go either way… weak throat chakra leads to an inability to express yourself but an overactive chakra leads to noise.

With regards to the stomach, I sleep eat, I eat things I shouldn’t as well… still haven’t quite found my groove but I am making progress which is what’s important. Here is what I’ve learned from this spiritual teacher:

1 – Root Chakra (red, eat tomatoes, strawberries, sweet potatoes) = this one is all about security. it’s the adrenal gland, be in nature and be bare foot or play drums as drumming grounds you to the earth (eco therapy will balance your root chakra, don’t spend too much time indoors, get out in nature. walk bare foot, dip your feet in the water, let the earth absorb the ions)

colour: red
foods: tomatoes, strawberries, sweet potatoes
healing stone: jasper

2 – Sex Organs Sacred Chakra – Orange (each citrus fruit) = you must have a healthy attitude towards sexuality, you must love your body, you must have a healthy sensuality, Too much leads to obsessing over sex, too little makes you shut down sexually. this is the creative life-force energy.

colour: orange
foods: oranges, carrots, etc.
healing stone: “tigers eye”

3 – solar plexus (pancreas gland) (city of the shining jewel) located from solar plexus to just below naval. it’s all about power, to open it meditate and massage your naval (it’s your gut feeling). This is the source of anxiety (calming music, nature walk, string instruments) yellow colour, eat lots of bananas.

colour: yellow
foods: bananas
music: calming music
healing stone: citrine

4 – heart chakra colour green, eat leafy greens, full of magnesium, kale, watercress (piano music, violin music) closing the heart chakra is guilt. chakra opens when you forgive yourself and others. connected to the thymus gland

open chakra with meditation, you can’t love anybody until you love yourself.

colour: green
foods: leafy greens, avocado
music: piano, violin
healing stone : jade, emerald

5 – throat chakra, thyroid gland sanscript word translates to “pure” colour is blue – related to communication, element is water, be impeccable with your word (four agreements) too little means you have lost expression (your own voice). too much means you don’t listen. eat blueberries, singing powerful words opens, silence opens chakra as well. Listen to your inner voice.

colour: blue
foods: blueberries
music: singing power words, silence
healing stone: turquoise

6 – 3rd eye chakra = clairvoyance (seeing things before they happen). opens when you know to question your reality. go beyond the senses, indigo foods, purple grapes, blueberries, petietary gland, pine gland, don’t believe everything you see. don’t believe the 3d, question that and you’re moving into the 4d and 5d it’s all about intuition and inner knowing

colour: purple
foods: grapes, blueberries
instruments; woodwinds, indian flute, wind instruments
healing stone: blue sapphire.

7 – crown chakra = open this chakra and there is no ego, it’s oneness, open it connected to the pineal gland, connects to spirit, detach from 3d realm, go to the mountains, jump into the ocean, materialism closes the chakra, you must detach from possessions. meditation opens this chakra.

foods: water, sunlight, ether, living off air
instruments; bells
colour violet
stone: diamond, clear quartz

Love you darling, see you at the finish line… this journey albeit done separately in the 3d world, it’s out shared mission on the soul plane.